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1 Jul 2013 10:36pm GMT

Jim, Monique and Elena Rose Neeter - Sussex, United Kingdom

Hey Uncle Drew! Come and see us again, Elena Rose is made up she has an Australian 'Uncle', we miss you and hope you get back later in the year. Keep safe Drew.

19 Jan 2011 3:09pm GMT

josephine maxted - perth wa, Australia

Hi Drew Hope all's well with the family in QLD, the floods are horrific, thinking of you all. Your cousins are all well and wondering when they will see you again? Alisha has 2 (pidgeon pair, boy & girl)Zoe has 2 boys, and Stacy has a pidgeon pair). All's well with the families. Lenny is back in Darwin. Stacy heading off to QLD at Easter with family, Alisha is off to Bali with her and family in March and Zoe will be going to Sydney or over East round August. Take it easy. Hope to catch you soon. Josie

31 Dec 2010 11:40am GMT

beata - munich, Germany

hey drew, we hope you had a great christmas and wish you the very best for the new year 2011-where ever you re we hope you enjoy it a lot. lots of love, your girls from germany, beata und janina

30 Sep 2010 8:20am GMT

Bogy - Zalec, Slovenia

Hey Drew, as you know I have two investments behind; first is Baby Jakob; second is house above our house:-). When do you plan visit? Your room is ready;).

16 Sep 2010 1:19pm GMT

Monique Boucher - mtumzini, South Africa

Hi there Drew, How you? I cant look at the photos we took in Zini! Any idea why? I tried to go into the pictures but it doesnt even load! Kind Regards Monique

16 Aug 2010 1:12am GMT

Andrew - Brisbane, Australia

Hey Drew, Great picture show from Nelspruit. What a trip. Will never forget what a great time we had. All the best cousin. Happy to have been a part of your Global Walkabout Finally! Cheers. Andrew

8 Jul 2010 7:37am GMT

gerhard - MTUNZINI, South Africa

Hi drew.having a ball in sunny SA see you in october.

17 Apr 2010 8:47am GMT --4:00

Donna Richardson - Mississauga, Canada

Hey Drew, it was great spending time with you to celebrate your birthday at PJ OBriens. Always enjoy your stories and amazed at your ability to make people feel at ease. Happy birthday Drew...must do it again real soon! xox

5 Jul 2009 1:20pm GMT +1:00

Kerri O'Connor - London, United Kingdom

hi drew when r we next seeing u??? how r u and i hope 2 c u soon love kerri xxx

28 May 2009 4:38pm GMT --7:00

Gord Donald - Squamish, Canada

Hope you had a good trip home!I was just checking out your website.Great job,you just need to get you pic's up to date. Cheers.

22 May 2009 11:16pm GMT --5:00

Debbie, Lisa, Teresa - Winnipeg, Canada

Hey Drew,, sharing with my friends the hair cut pictures.. love ya..

13 Apr 2009 5:30pm GMT +8:00

josephine maxted - perth, Australia

Hi Drew Hope u had a great Easter, Take care. josie maxted

18 Nov 2008 9:09am GMT +9:30

lily - Darwin, NT, Australia

Hi again drew its me when are you coming back to see us?

22 Aug 2008 8:19pm GMT +2:00

Harm - Almere - where else?, Netherlands

Ok, next time I'll come over I'll stay a bit longer. Perhaps. However just popping over to Melbourne for a quick drink with you guys is decadent enough to be fun. :) Ta, Harm

26 Jul 2008 10:41pm GMT --4:00

Ryan - Peterborough, Canada

Hey Drew, I was cleaning up some files on the pc and came across a horrible pic of Martin skullin like a champ while I sipped mine like a spot of tea. Kathryn is great Benjamin is 2 1/2 Marlo 7 months hugs, kissess and a few beers Ryan

20 Jul 2008 2:58am GMT

lily reid - Darwin, Australia

hi uncle drew how are u? luv ur site cant wait 2 see u again luv ya bye

8 Jul 2008 5:08pm GMT --4:00

Mick & Ali - Toronto, Canada

G`day Drew, How`s it going mate, hope you are doing well in Melbourne. All good over here, finally Summer after a pretty long Winter over this way. Ali and the kids say G`day, and ask about the chicken !!!! Have a good one.

25 Jun 2008 8:28pm GMT +10:00

Gordon Bohl - Brisbane, Australia

Always enjoy visiting your top web site. It saves me going places myself. You would make a fantastic geography teacher. We only had one teacher who had been anywhere at school and he was a source of endless interesting tales.

31 May 2008 3:16pm GMT +9:30

connor - darwin palmerston NT, Australia

hi drew its connor hay a parently u might come up or down here where eva u r hope to see u soon connor

12 Apr 2008 8:03pm GMT +2:00

Zuzana - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hey darling! How's life??? We are finally getting a first rays of spring, soo welcomed! Whats new?

17 Mar 2008 12:46pm GMT +1:00

Helen - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Man you should start a travelling company or something - great pics, great site!

17 Mar 2008 4:34pm GMT +9:30

connor - darwin, Australia

hi drew when are coming back to darwin i hope you come up or down soon. by connor

16 Mar 2008 8:59am GMT

Sunflowerwolf - Sunflowerwolf, Afghanistan

Super site!

5 Jan 2008 4:34pm GMT +1:00

iris - celje, Slovenia

hy...i just want to know if you have a photos from bowling in celje it was a 24 of avgust 2007;)you met me vhen you vas wight bogdan andrej in beno if you remember?and i wish to see the photos

22 Nov 2007 2:42pm GMT +1:00

Beata - Munich, Germany

Hi Drew, what's up? r U enjoing your time at the sunshine coast? what about the job in melbourne? I'm going on friday 30.11. to BKK for 5 days. And maybe for New Years Eve to Brasil:-) wish you a great time:-) hugs & kisses from Bea

27 Oct 2007 12:50am GMT +2:00

J.Bongo - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hey Drew, I trust that all is well down under! try me on skype...

2 Oct 2007 10:39pm GMT --4:00

Ryan Stabler - Peterborough, Canada

Hey Pinky Thor II arriving January 1, 2008 Chia

1 Oct 2007 11:25pm GMT +1:00

Chris - Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Hi Drew, we met in Le Vagabond, Chamonix, in Sept 2007. I'm one of the firemen, (Kim was the other one)I finally got to have a look at your website, wow, don't take this the wong way mate but you've been about a bit! I was wondering when and if you are going to put the Chamonix photos on? or have you and am I being stupid and can't find them? Hope that your keeping well> Regards Chris

26 Sep 2007 9:45pm GMT +1:00

Geoff - Munchin, Germany

hey mate it was great to meet you and drink with you at the oktoberfest, good luck on the travels and keep in touch when you can. PS great photo's

25 Sep 2007 9:45pm GMT +2:00

André - Munich & Freiburg, Germany

Hey Drew, had a fantastic time at the Wiesn. Good you took pictures for eternity! Take care mate!

1 Sep 2007 11:05am GMT +2:00

Zuzana - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hoi Drew,how's travelling? Let us know where u been and where u'r off to. Been crap summer weather here, hope u had better.ENJOY!

25 Aug 2007 2:56pm GMT +2:00

iris - celje, Slovenia

it was soo nice to mett you in slovenija on 24.of avg.07 in bowling-bar;)i hope that we will see you agen!

8 Aug 2007 1:16pm GMT +9:30

Drunken Duncan - A short drive down the road from Darwin, Australia

G'day mate, I'm back in the NT and will catch up for a beer (or a metric shed load) when youget up here next.

1 Aug 2007 5:44pm GMT --5:00

Debbie - Winnipeg, Canada

Hey Drew!! Thanks for the post cards, and we did buy a map of the world to put on the wall, it just isn't there yet..lol

11 Jul 2007 11:54am GMT +10:00

Jules - Newcastle, Australia

Hey Drew, good to see some other interesting things! Have fun with the start of the rest of it! I was telling my friend about Frank - and then realised you had a whole section devoted to it! Can't believe it! Old Frank lives on! He must smell by now! See you soon babe, Jules

4 May 2007 7:28am GMT --4:00

Donna Henderson - Barrie, Canada

Drew! It's always so good to visit your site and read your stories. What an amazing way to keep in touch. Lots of love, Donna & Dave

25 Apr 2007 4:39pm GMT +9:30

connor - darwin, Australia

hi its me connor just sayn hi. where are u at now? bye bye hope to se ya soon. and have s talk. connor

23 Apr 2007 9:35am GMT +10:00

Shhh - BrisVegas, Australia

Such a bad friend!!! Happy Birthday for the 19th! Hope you had a great one!! T

15 Feb 2007 7:12pm GMT +10:00

shhhh! - Brisvegas, Australia

Holy wow... this is a serious site! I was gonna give you my blog address but this puts me to shame!!! V. impressive. i think this is going to be the beggining of a beautiful friendship......... T

12 Feb 2007 2:51pm GMT

Sam - Maida Vale, United Kingdom

Very cool site, I am impressed! Shame about that ugly bloke in the Dublin w/end photos - I think he ruins it!

9 Feb 2007 7:09am GMT +10:00

Stacey-Anne - Middle of nowhere, Australia

Hi Cus, life is great here on the farm, the grass is green and the cows are getting fat and ready market! Great website (yes we have internet again), I will catch up with you soon. luv s-a

6 Feb 2007 2:03pm GMT +9:30

Duncan - Downtown Darwin - Drunk and disorderly yet again!!, Australia

About time you surfaced again, still that's what you get for hanging out with the big girls blouse Stacey. Looks like I'll be back in that tropical paradise(?) Timor again when you hit the Top End. Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up some time after that. Keeping the dream alive!!!

5 Feb 2007 2:48pm GMT +1:00

Harm - Here and there.., Netherlands

Drew.. Wat een ongelovelijke site! Vul zelf maar in wat voor ongeloof je daar aan toe wilt voegen. Ik ben trouwens wel nieuwsgierig wat je vertaalprogramma gaat doen met dit stukje Nederlands. Beste lan op ierde. Oh nee, da's Fries. In ieder geval in het kort: Nice site!

28 Jan 2007 9:47am GMT +1:00

marieke - rosmalen, Netherlands

hi drew, just received your pictures of annemarie john and zarah, and i sure love them! thank you! and please visit us again in the not too far future. marieke

12 Jan 2007 12:58pm GMT +1:00

Helen - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Get RRRready for a RRRrussian New Year, only in Amsterdam: Vodka and caviar, snow and sweat, fatal ladies and drop dead tunes, take your digital eye! Many happy returns!

2 Jan 2007 7:23pm GMT

Sarah Hickey - London, Australia

Hey dude, how are ya going? How was your new years? I nearly died in the crowd at the London Eye fireworks, i strongly recommend that you never go. It was great to meet you in Austria, and good luck with your travels, if I'm back in Europe in the near future, Amsterdam will have to be on the list! Can't wait to steal those photos from you, so hurry and put em up!

30 Dec 2006 7:26pm GMT +2:00

Ruusa & Hanna - Helsinki, Finland

G'day mate :) Have the greatest New Year in Austria! We'll be celebrating in Helsinki with bunch of sparkling wine bottles ;) Hopefully Ruusa will remember "the member rules", so she doesn't have to finish the first bottle by one chip, hih..;) ( it has happened 'cause someone remembers the rules..;) Take care and come to Finland next year! Cheers, R&H

23 Dec 2006 3:50pm GMT +10:00

Phil Peters - Brisbane Qld, Australia

Hello Agent, from the Peters family. I hope all is well and enjoy Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year. Cheers mate.

10 Dec 2006 6:19pm GMT +8:00

Josie Maxted - Perth WA, Australia

Hi there Drew, All well in Perth, the girls and kids say hi. Enjoy Xmas & New Year and be safe. Thinking of you. Cheers Josie

14 Nov 2006 4:44pm GMT --8:00

albert babuin - squamish, Canada

dude hows it going i dont know what is going on but i would like to see some new picts on the old web page so get to work talk to soon Albert..............................

4 Nov 2006 12:25am GMT --6:00

Debbie - Winnipeg, Canada

Hey, Mitchell wants to take snowboarding lessons, ya in Manitoba.

29 Sep 2006 1:16pm GMT +2:00

Gabi - munich, Germany

Hi Drew !thks again for a nice weekend in Amsterdam.hope to see you soon in munich on the big beerfestival (ends on tuesday, so hurry up!) had a lot of fun to see your pics, special the once with hippy hair :-) hug Gabi

25 Sep 2006 11:20pm GMT +1:00

Your face painting buddy in Germany - London, United Kingdom

Hey Drew - loved the Germany photos - didn't realise how many you took!! May have to get some copies from you. Hope you are still havin a great time over there Jen x

26 Aug 2006 1:08pm GMT +2:00

Sandra van Straaten - Ventersburg, South Africa

Hi there. Glad to see you are having fun! :-) Still enjoying your website. At work at the moment, have a cold beer for me :-)

22 Aug 2006 7:09pm GMT +1:00

Kristin Delaney - Writing my dissertation, still, in Guildford., United Kingdom

Your flat looks great and I was eyeing off the couches! Look forward to seeing you over there soon, as soon as I get this MBA out of my life (on Friday! Hooray). Also, better make sure you come and see us at the end of January for another Delaney double in Merrow Dramatic Society's Pantomime - Mother Goose.

19 Aug 2006 8:23pm GMT +10:00

Nathan Gibson - Silverwater, Australia

Hey Drew I like your flat and your bike is really nice too, Do you know if they make them for men? :)

13 Jul 2006 6:48pm GMT +1:00

Paul Oc. - Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Hi Drew, Hear you had a good time at Gary O's in london. sorry I couldn't make it but will catch up with later on in Amsterdam i suspect.... Paul O

6 Jul 2006 11:30pm GMT +1:00

Karan Bubber - Chile/UK, United Kingdom

Hay dew been a while! the pics look great! glad you had such a great time been so long since that bus ride to bogota, but was great to hear ya jokes and meet you, take care and hope to meet you again one day! enjoy life and keep on travelling!! Karan (mail me some time, ...)

29 May 2006 9:45pm GMT +8:00

josie maxted - Perth WA, Australia

Hi Drew Great photos, all well in Perth. Keep safe, Dad with me and says hi. Stay well.

24 Apr 2006 9:35pm GMT +8:00

Deany - Kalumburu (look it up just past bum f*ck nowhere), Australia

Keep having fun mate a great sight. I'm a primary school teacher now but not enjoying it thinking of another career change. Great job with the sight. Deany

22 Apr 2006 6:26am GMT

Andrew Sammut - Lyon, France

Happy Birthday dude. Hi from Steph & Elaine; the Lyonese ladies...

21 Apr 2006 6:03pm GMT

Andrew Sammut - Lyon, France

Forgot about your birthday dude. Hope you had a good one! See you in about 2 weeks!

20 Apr 2006 8:14am GMT +10:00

Philip Peters - Brisbane, Australia

Agent 'Happy Birthday' for the 19th April you old man. Stay Safe mate!

14 Apr 2006 3:23pm GMT +10:00

The Peters Family - Brisbane, Australia

Agent, hows things? All's well on the western front, just a quick 'hello' from all of us. The boys were asking just the other day when you would return for a visit? I hope you are well. Stay safe mate.

10 Apr 2006 10:15pm GMT +9:30

uncle Bill & Aunty Kris Risk - Darwin River, Australia

Hi Drew thought we would drop in and see how your trip is going, and looks like you are having a good time, and where are you now? Caught up with Bunug 111 from Goulbourn Island and he has photos of you when you where growing up there and also of your family. See you next time you are in Darwin.Mamak Drew.

25 Mar 2006 9:26am GMT --5:00

Mark and Alex Miller - Albany, United States of America

Hey Drew, we met at Boxing day at the Killer's. Glad to see that you are enjoying the Western Provinces of Canada. Since we met we went to Panama and did the canal and then on to Bocas del Toro, and probably ate/drank at some of the same establishments downtown. Loved it there, will be back soon. Georgia went back to Beijing (my son Nick could not go as he had ear infections). Anyhow, hope you are all well and enjoying the journey. Ciao, MARK and ALEX

17 Mar 2006 2:34pm GMT --5:00

Donna - Barrie, Canada

Happy St. Patrick's Day Drew! I'll toast a green beer to you tonight at the pub. Hope it never gets old to hear how fantastic your site is. Thanks for the great visit and the excuse to try ice fishing-not sure I would have done it without you! Stay safe out there, Donna & Dave

17 Mar 2006 3:37am GMT +9:30

rocky and billy - the block, Australia

hey budda wot u up 2 missin u heaps lookin throuh the photos looks like your havin fun i dont have e-mail but when i do i'll let you know keep havin fun and take care love rocky and billy.

8 Mar 2006 12:57am GMT +1:00

Toby (road to Tegucigalpa) - Saarbrücken, Germany

Hey Drew, I hope you're doing great!! What am I talking about...U're ALWAYS having fun...I looked at ur pictures..they are amazing...and I love your comments on some of the pictures...haha...where are you right now? Well, what else is there to say, except of... TAKE CARE MATE!!! ;-)

2 Mar 2006 10:50pm GMT --8:00

Jane - Vancouver, Canada

Great breaky this morning with you and Mich at Zen in Kits. Was nice meeting you. And although you once had a fabulous head 'o hair, the short grey suits you. Perhaps we'll meet again, in BC or somewhere in the wild blue yonder. Happy trails...

27 Feb 2006 10:23pm GMT +1:00

Marcel - switzerland, Switzerland

Hy drew, hope u are fine, remember me? panama, having beer on the balcony and watched tougether the panama canal??? i am back in switzerland and my ars is freezing.... i have a question, how can i copy the panamacanal animation and my animation u made with the flash player? thanks for writing me and have fun. hugs marcel

23 Feb 2006 1:12pm GMT

Shelley and bubba - Beckenham, United Kingdom

Great site Drew. Nice to see you had a good time in Toronto and met the rest of the family. Still waiting for baby to arrive but should be any day. Let me know when you are in Van. Perhaps you could give my mate Loanne a shout when you are in town and say G'day for me.

19 Feb 2006 2:25pm GMT --6:00

Angel & Junior - WinterPeg, Canada

Hi there Drew. You missed a chilly -48 with the windchill. We thought of you. It was real plesure to have met you. Didn't get the opportunity to say good bye etc. Cheers Mate!

16 Feb 2006 8:36pm GMT --6:00

Helen - Antigua, Guatemala

Hi Drew, The pictures of Easter Island are awesome! I've got two friends over there but didn't get any pics from them yet. I'll probably leave Antigua beginning of March and start my trip as well... Finally on the road again!

1 Feb 2006 8:58pm GMT

Gary O'Connor - Ruislip, Middlesex. (West London), United Kingdom

Hi Drew,got the web address from cousin Paul. Read a letter from your dad sent to my mum, great to hear you're in the UK. Would be great to meet up, still remember the last time back in the Late 60's/ early 70's, paul still has a photo of us all standing on the ladder of the tree house! Give us a shout if you're still in the UK and want to meet up - All the Best Gary

24 Jan 2006 2:42pm GMT --5:00

Ryan, Kathryn and Ben - Peterborough, Canada

Hey Drew, It was great to catch up with you last week hope the rest of the walk goes well. Just one question, do you know why my sofa smells now?

21 Jan 2006 1:43pm GMT --6:00

Una Loca de Canada - Antigua, Guatemala

Hooooola!!! Loco y su pollo! How are you? Where are you? What a nice video of the babies of Canada! hihi! nice souvenir! Take care drewsss! Karine

19 Jan 2006 7:08pm GMT +8:00

Roxenne - Broome, Australia

How are you brother am in Broome with mum and dad. Hope all is well anyway take care lub always your lil sis Rocky XOXOXO

17 Jan 2006 7:53pm GMT --5:00

milo - peterborough,Ont, Canada

yo pinkyhaha. we are the knights who say nee but now we say ickickkablang this parrot is dead u know what i mean nudge nudge not as bad as blind bat u\'ve been around eh? His a king how do u know that he\'s not covered in crap? See yal later.

16 Jan 2006 10:58pm GMT --6:00


Hey there. Kids were playing sorry we couldn't take. When are you arriving in Winnipeg. -4 best winter we have ever had. Love D&D&M&B&C

16 Jan 2006 11:37pm GMT --5:00

Mick & Ali - Toronto, Canada

G`day Drew, Good to catch up with you for your week here in Toronto mate, thanks for keeping me constantly pissed all week !!!!!! Great that you finally met Ali and the kids at long last.

16 Jan 2006 9:38am GMT --5:00

Donna - Mississauga, Canada

Hey Drew, thanks for the laughs and beverages. What a riot listening to your stories. Need info on Costa Rica. Make sure you visit Ali, Mick and the chicks on your way back through Ontario. Cheers!

14 Jan 2006 5:40pm GMT --5:00

Elise Balint - (nee Geelong), United States of America

Hi Drew - still around these fair parts? If so, come celebrate Australia Day with us with some wine/whine. I broke 2 ribs after Boxing Day, so i was in no condition to shindig, especially with all this friggin ice around. (could someone remind why I live here?) If you've already gone north, have a great time. Hope we cross paths again. Elise

8 Jan 2006 5:10pm GMT +10:00

Phil & Lyn Seghers - Tin Can Bay, Queensland, Australia

Hi Drew We have been on the move a fair bit, you have been also by the look of this great web sit. Sam gave us your site adress. She thought we may have trouble viewing your adventures as we are still on dial up service here (we live on the fringe out here). what a beut site it downloaded realy quick compared to many of the sights we use. You are one hell of a site builder. We are thinking of you and hope to hear from you again. We miss all you young people and remember the good times we shared years ago. By the way when did Santa get a black beard? Best wishes Phil & Lyn

5 Jan 2006 4:15pm GMT +1:00

Tipster - The Dam, Netherlands

Bloody hell! Great site. Am impressed. I want one. Have decided to retire Mike from his website building obligations (after 6 months and nada to show for it) and plan to make you an offer when you get back to Europe!! txo

5 Jan 2006 2:30pm GMT +9:30

Drunk Duncan of Darwin - Down Town Darwin, Australia

Mate, May the beer stay cold and wenches beautiful and lusty. Stay safe and having fun.

4 Jan 2006 9:31am GMT --8:00

Jo - Whistler, Zimbabwe

Happy New Year!!! Your site is awesome! Can't wait to see you in Pemby! Kirst is coming on Feb 1st if you can make it earlier! Will email soon, just waited to be cool and sign your book! love jojo

24 Dec 2005 11:30am GMT +2:00

Ruusa - Helsinki, Finland

I wanna wish you a merry christmas..So Feliz Navidad and "Hyvää Joulua" as we say here in Finland :) I got safely back,thank you for your help and great company :) Cuidate chico! :) Bye,Ruusa

24 Dec 2005 10:07am GMT +11:00

Ron and Ros - Australia, Australia

Hi Drew, your photos have been amazing. Just want to wish you a very happy and healthy Christmas from all of us. We'll be sweltering in a heat wave here, but I guess that's an Aussie Christmas. Sending you lots of love all the Normans. xxxxxxxxx

21 Dec 2005 8:38pm GMT --8:00

Kiwi Chickie - Vancouver, Canada


17 Dec 2005 10:58pm GMT +1:00

Karan - Chile, United Kingdom

Hay Drew! great pics! thanks for the great company and all the great jokes! made the trip a lot of fun! p.s. hope you got some of the colombian ron! twas pretty good!

4 Dec 2005 2:15pm GMT --6:00

megan shiroma - granada, nicaragua, United States of America

not sure if you will remember me (i almost did a show-and-tell of my mexican wrestling mask). i really like all the fotos of frankie. i love the midnight sandboarding picture, i laughed my ass off...has sis said yes yet?

28 Nov 2005 1:16pm GMT +1:00

Anni & Bent - Scandinavian, Denmark

Dear Aussie & Frankie! Denmark is greating you.Hope you still enjoy your life. What a wonderful life although the road is not always filled with rose leaves.Thanks for some happy days on Galapagos. Love from Anni & Bent

13 Nov 2005 10:30pm GMT +10:00

Laurel Peters - Briz, Australia

G'day to you - Just returned from the Gold Coast - do you remember that place Down Under? Have really enjoyed your walkabout tales Drew and am looking forward to the book and then the movie. You'd better get yourself a manager. Take care - hope the rest of your journey is even better than your travels so far. Great site - well done! Hoo Roo! - Laurel

6 Nov 2005 5:59pm GMT --8:00

Bruiser and Albert - Squish, Canada

Get a haircut you Ozzie freak. We'll keep the beers cold til you come through again.love and kisses, the guys.

6 Nov 2005 5:23pm GMT --8:00

Craig Munro - Pemberton, Canada

Hi Drew Great web site mate.You have some amazing Photos there . I Plan to make a web site .Sorry i missed you when you were in Vancouver hope to catch up with you when you are back . Take it easy

28 Oct 2005 8:53pm GMT +2:00

beth - ventersburg, in the free state, South Africa

Enjoued your website!(Sandra & Claudia's parents) If you come to South Africa, you are more than welcome to visit, will show you around. Enjoy your journey! Greetings, Beth.

23 Oct 2005 9:04am GMT +2:00

Christian (San Pedro) - Frankfurt, Germany

Hi Drew, your page is excellent! It makes a lot of fun, to read your adventures. Keep on going, a lot of people have to know you two funny guys. (You and franky). Hope to see you somewhere on earth?!

21 Oct 2005 11:13pm GMT --4:00

bryan dit "le chat" - la france pays des poulet, France

tramquille le chat sorry for my english, maybe you remeber my level happy to see the salar de uyuni, i remeber the austalian chiken on the world en francais:je te ferai parvenir une foto du poulet volant en rave partie pour ton album

16 Oct 2005 4:41pm GMT --5:00

Debbie - winnipeg, Canada

Hey Drew, Got the postcard only took 22 days from you to me. Not too bad. Be safe Love D&D and the kids

9 Oct 2005 10:40am GMT +2:00

Pedro - Trondheim/Aalesund, Norway

Hi Drew! (Still without the blond hair and the tits, right..?) We are now back in the old-country struggelin` at school...the Death Road was just about the funniest thing we did! U make it sound like we dragged u along, truth is, you kept it movin quite fast there, old-timer! ;-) (gotcha..) Anyway, Bonanza is on, so..be safe and enjoy! Pedrito and co.

26 Sep 2005 1:35am GMT +2:00

Christian (San Pedro) - Frankfurt, Germany

Hi Drew & of course Franky, I'm sure you're having a good time. I enjoyed our nightwalk in the atacama dessert very much. See you!

25 Sep 2005 2:34pm GMT --4:00

Laurent and Francois - Santiago, Bolivia

Hi dude, we just got back to Santiago after Bolivia and got connected to your site. wouahhhhh!! it looks just great. We have been to Valparaiso yesterday for the day and had a great time after the roughness of the Bolivian heights. We hope your journey will be smooth and safe, as for us, we are heading for the south of Chile tomorrow until Friday for the returning flight to France. Take care and looking forward to see you in France (with Rachel of course) one coming day. GOODAY MATE!

24 Sep 2005 7:12pm GMT +9:30

Crow - N T, Australia

How are you mate. Whats wrong . what did those blokes in W.A say to you. Crow.

23 Sep 2005 10:34pm GMT --4:00

Magno and Alessandra - Now - safe in La Paz !!, Brazil

Hi Drew ! Nice site ! Hope you are ok, too ! As you know, we had a problem at Oruro (stole our hand bags). We went to the police station but there were nothing to do. We went to the Brazilian ambassy (in La Paz) and the guys helped us a lot. Tomorrow we will finally go back to Brazil !!! let´s have a churrasco !!!! I hope you and Frankie have a nice stay in La Paz. If you need any tip from the place I´ve been to, please let me know ! Hope to have your update sooner !! Hugs Magno and Alessandra.

23 Sep 2005 2:56pm GMT +10:00

Christina Scolaro - Brisbane, Australia

Hi Drew, This is Christina, big sister of Graham Bohl. Your site is awesome. I'm enjoying looking through all your adventures. I especially apreciate all your work as I am currently trying to learn web design. You have done a fantastic job! Love it!

23 Sep 2005 7:04am GMT +10:00

Gordon & Robyn Bohl - Brisbane, Australia

Fantastic site. Keep up the good work. Best travel show on the net.

16 Sep 2005 4:53pm GMT --4:00

Bill - Santiago, Australia

Thanks for all the info at the statue yesterday. I will have a look at your site later. Bill drom Sth Australia

14 Sep 2005 1:02pm GMT +1:00

S E S FROM SVS - TAUNTON, United Kingdom

Hiya new-look Drew I'll have to update my rhyme as we've moved on in time I'll put it in the visitor's book and everyone can have a look! So- congrats on the best travel brochure around! The view from Sugar Loaf....................Wow! The pics are mind-blowing (no, not those of you!) Sunset on Easter Island....................Cool! Now we're in the Amazon - you've got to be joking! I'm sure that's the new reservoir at Woking! It all looks too good to be true and Michael Palin's got nothing on you! There have been some comments while I've been viewing " Who's that George Clooney lookalike on your screen?" " George Clooney the actor ?" I ask in amazement "No, him in the chip shop down on the Green". Well, you can't have it all.....but what a new Drew and great family snaps! What a time you're having Beautiful people, parties................Phew! So long for now...................keep on rocking. Nice sloth! Shame about the cricket !!

13 Sep 2005 2:52pm GMT +1:00

Mark Riley - Defra, Guidlford, United Kingdom

G'day Drew, How does it feel to lose the Ashes???!!!!!!!! Come back real soon!

12 Sep 2005 3:50pm GMT +12:00

Adam Soldinger - Auckland, Home of the Bledisloe Cup !!, New Zealand

G'day mate Talked to Dave last night and he told me all about your site - it's awesome, very impressive ! Looks like you're still living life to the max even if you are going grey ! And I hear there may be a Kiwi girl in yr life - good on ya, I can highly recommend it ! All the best Adam

11 Sep 2005 6:54pm GMT --5:00

Debbie - Winnipeg, Canada

Love the updates! Talk to you soon.Lots of love

11 Sep 2005 9:35am GMT +10:00

Philip Peters - Brisbane, Australia

Agent, good to see and hear your adventure's are still filled with unforgetable moments.Thanks for the photo's and updates. Linda and the boys say hi. Stay safe.Cheers.

6 Sep 2005 9:54pm GMT --3:00

Greg - Puerto Iguazu, Australia

Sites impressive Drew, Still like to catch up ad do the Andes crossing with u. Greg

6 Sep 2005 7:30pm GMT --3:00

Norbert (Norbi) - Buenos Aires, Israel

very professional site Drew!! Say my best to Frank and u2 have a good journey in your quest to open the first mobile flag museum in the world. Take care of the ashes, Norbi (email: thenorb@gmail.com)

3 Sep 2005 12:57pm GMT +9:30

Billy Risk - Darwin River, Australia

Hi Drew, Thinking of you and the trip that you are doing, hope every thing is good we are all fine here just doing the same as when you left, see you next time. Bye The Risk Boys.

22 Aug 2005 6:53pm GMT --4:00

Chia - Peterborough, Canada

Good day PINKY! The site looks fab! I have changed email accounts so I did not get your last message but my bro forwarded it to me. Any how the kids at camp are calling me papa chia now....exact details some time in November. Later

18 Aug 2005 9:57pm GMT --7:00

Kiwi Chicks & Shaggy - Vancouver, Canada

We just saw your Auckland photo's - how original can you get Drew! You really need to get your arse out of the airport!

18 Aug 2005 10:35pm GMT +1:00

CAZZZZZZZA - Guildford, United Kingdom

Hey what a hunk under all that hair!!! Did you look like that when you first came to work with us? Fab piccies and looking forward to more. (Great intro movie by the way!(

17 Aug 2005 2:27pm GMT --5:00

Doctor Evil - brugge, Belgium

Amazing website you have mate, really nice pict. from easter island, i cant wait to see the once from angel falls, the hair cut was a good idea, we catch you later on in SA, have fun, peter (belgian)

6 Aug 2005 2:45pm GMT +1:00

Julie Holland - Surrey, United Kingdom

Damn good website! SA looks fab. What happened to your hair??? can't believe you cut it off - the new looks suits though. catch you when back in the UK next year. Jules

30 Jul 2005 8:17pm GMT --5:00

Peter - right now? Panama!, Germany

Hey you lazy boy! This is your jungle friend! :o) Hope you had a great time up there on Roraima, and that the ants didn't eat you up (did you?). Great site man, can't wait to see the new pictures. Uh, and could you please send me the one of me being pissed at by the slothi slothi (too embarrassing to be published... 8o> ? Thanks and hasta pronto, Peter pedro@rotscher.de

28 Jul 2005 1:04pm GMT --4:00

Klayber ( Brazilian Beach) - Manaus, Brazil

Nice trip up there man, many kisses to Frankie, and dont forget to put my ass in your web site....

26 Jul 2005 4:45pm GMT +10:00

Graham - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Thanks for the updates and excellent pictures. Best wishes!

24 Jul 2005 8:43pm GMT +10:00

Val - Buderim, Australia

Have caught on to this at lastand will follow more closely now. Loved the Easter Is photos especially. Have fun and keep safe. Val

24 Jul 2005 8:32am GMT

Andrew - London (nowadays), United Kingdom

Top site mate! Great photos - looks like a trip and a half... But are you sure you wouldn't be rather taking in that glorious smoke filled air in the good ole A&H? :)

22 Jul 2005 8:23pm GMT +10:00

Mon - BrisVegas, Australia

You've done well to keep the site so up to date. Particularly liked the sunset shots on Easter Island and the movies. You're obviously having a great time - I'm surprised you're wanting to move on from Rio ! Have fun ! LOL Mon

19 Jul 2005 7:59pm GMT --5:00

debbie - winnipeg, Canada

Love the web, showing my friends the now shot, very cute, the lots of hair shots, a little scairy. love Deb

18 Jul 2005 12:35pm GMT +1:00

Lindsay Jackson - Guildford, United Kingdom

Hi Drew, what a fantastic set of pictures you have! It's good to know that you are having such a great time (envious - moi?!). Best wishes, Lindsay.

17 Jul 2005 9:41pm GMT +10:00

Laurel Peters - Brisbane, Australia

Hi Drew - Thanks for this great online travel experience - loved Easter Island - look forward to the Amazon story and maybe some pics of Jimmie Angel's 979 metre falls. Have fun - keep on travel'n!

16 Jul 2005 5:24pm GMT +3:00

Crazy kiwi (Lisa) - Zanzibar, Zambia

Since you do not have Zanzibar on your Pc - Or Tans - I chose Zanzibar. Went for 2 dives today - saw a few turtles - they are pretty cool when swimming - got taken out by a fellow passenger - who decided to land on me with a tank - not good as now have a very sore head - but now back on the vodka's at 5pm, and waiting for BBQ on the beach :-). Phone is finally out of credit so can recieve and not sent so chat soon - got your messages. Lisa PS - why am i called the crazy kiwi :-)

15 Jul 2005 8:44pm GMT +10:00

Scott - Quipie!, Australia

Cool site, almost as good as the hair cut! I loved your intro video.

15 Jul 2005 5:20pm GMT +10:00

Aunty Ros - Toowoomba, Australia

Hi Drew, your web site is v. professional - but that is no more than I expected from you! Great to be able to keep up with your travels. Have fun and stay safe. Keep your singlet on so you don't catch cold! Just kidding - Love Aunty Ros

14 Jul 2005 5:17pm GMT --7:00

Pished in Guildford - Spitting Shite From the Pub Floor..., Kazakhstan

Just think of the biggest piss-head in Guildford that you know, Drew... :) I try to imagine what you're doing at this very moment, then I'd rather not! You lucky b*stard! So your adventure begins! Great site, brill idea. (& there's me thinking you were gay with long hair! :p ) #4825

13 Jul 2005 4:07pm GMT +3:00

Lisa - Africa........., New Zealand

Hey babe great to see that you have finally started your travels and looks like you are making the most of it. As for me I am off to Zanzibar island tomorrow - and having a ball. Great pic's :-)

13 Jul 2005 1:52am GMT --5:00

YOUUUUUGE MAN!!!!! - You Know, Canada

Just saw your pics from Santiago. That's a pretty big beer for such a little girrrrly man. All the best. Play safe. See you in January. Daz

11 Jul 2005 9:32pm GMT +10:00

The Peters Family - Brisbane, Australia

Agent, "Love your Work" mate. Good to see your enjoying yourself. Linda and the boys say Hi.Be Good!

10 Jul 2005 9:31pm GMT --3:00

Steve Nabseth - Elverum, Norway

Hi Drew, Great site and pictures, keep em coming! I made it back to the mainland from Easter Island (after a long delay and free lunch!!). Currently I am back in Mendoza, but I will head towars Bolivia soon. Thanks for a few great days exploring the moai! I wish I knew about Mellow Yellow when I stayed in Rio, darn!! Looks like a fab place. Steve from Norway

5 Jul 2005 10:47pm GMT +10:00

Rambo - you know where, Australia

Hey Roomie, thought it was time that i add my piece. Your site is fantastic, and the girls still love listening to uncle Drew. Still waiting for more pics and the Tiger!!! Cheers Roomie xoxo - I wonder if we have baffled a few people???

30 Jun 2005 11:30pm GMT +10:00

Laurel Peters (The Phil Connection) - Brisbane, Australia

Hi Drew. Love the site and photos - not too sure about the scary long hair though.Schedule looks fantastic- Easter Island looks intriguing. Good luck,have fun and safe travel.I look forward to your web updates -well done!

30 Jun 2005 12:58am GMT +10:00

Chris Moore - Too late at night at work!!, Australia

Hi there Drew - Your walkabout site is a ripper! I hope to keep track of you from this site - and I love your farewell video - Hooroo and safe travels to you. xxx

29 Jun 2005 1:29pm GMT +10:00

mum - South America, Chile

You should have arrived by now and recovering from jet lag. No photos yet. Love mum

29 Jun 2005 10:37am GMT +10:00

Nathan - You know, Australia

Hey Drew I hope you are having a great time. Don't spend too long on Easter island looking for chocolate eggs I've heard that the easter bunny is off the lay and has moved back to Zurich(a.k.a New Zealand) and I also have a friend that has left his body board bag in Colombia and was wondering if you could bring it back for him ,he said that if it was too heavy you could just take the body board out and then it should only weigh about 4 1/2 kilos. Good luck. Nathan

27 Jun 2005 9:12pm GMT --5:00

Debbie - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Hey Drew, I still expect at least a couple postcards but this is great too. Can't wait for January. Lots of Love

27 Jun 2005 11:07am GMT

Jacob Gibson - Gosford, Australia

Dear Uncle Drew Nana showed me all your pictures but were is lukey and me I cant see them. I love you Uncle Drew we saw you plane fly over sydney and will miss you Jacob

27 Jun 2005 9:21am GMT +1:00

Julie - Guildford, United Kingdom

Great site - obviously a man with hidden talents ! if you need a Job - try us ! Have a great trip.

27 Jun 2005 8:29am GMT +1:00

Rodge - London, United Kingdom

Great Site Mate, All the better now you've lost the locks too. One thing I would say, far too many photos of Andrew! Enjoy zee Gringo's Ciao

26 Jun 2005 10:43am GMT --7:00

jelly - Whistler, Canada

good site. Are you coming through here at all on your trip? Have a beer on me in Rio

26 Jun 2005 10:28am GMT --7:00

Melissa - Vancouver, Canada

Drew, This is awsome. I love ya man. I can't wait till Dewcember to see you again it has been to long. Have fun on your travels and we will talk with you soon. Miss you sexy!

25 Jun 2005 8:17pm GMT +1:00

Lisa Mulholland - Raunds, United Kingdom

Hey Sexy, fab website turns out you did know what you were doing with computers then!!! Some great photo's and look forward to seeing lots more. There does seem to be a bit of a theme in them though, they are either taken in pubs or show people drinking alocohol... What a surprise! Have a fab trip, stay safe and see you soon. -X-

25 Jun 2005 3:35am GMT --7:00

Matt Bramley - Guildford, United Kingdom

To the wound that never heels! G'dingar dude!

20 Jun 2005 1:02pm GMT +1:00

Kristin Delaney - Guildford, United Kingdom

Really impressed with this site! Also very impressed to see you're planning to be in London about the same time I'll be finishing my masters. May have to have one or two celebratory drinks. Have a fabulous trip - we miss you here in Guildford.

20 Jun 2005 12:34pm GMT +1:00

Matt Delaney - Guildford, United Kingdom

Nice one dude! Miss you in sunny and merry ye olde England and look forward to seeing some photos and text about your next adventures. Keep on truckin.

15 Jun 2005 4:38pm GMT +1:00

Kirsten - London, United Kingdom

Aren't you just a clever little chicken! Now you've given me something useful to do at work. Fantastic looking into your travels, babes. ..and looking at how old all those Ippy boys are getting.. Only kidding, you're all still a bunch of horn bags. Keep it coming! x

14 Jun 2005 5:33pm GMT +1:00

Andrew - Republic of Stevenage, United Kingdom

Not bad. Not enough photo's of my beautiful mug though. Can we submit photo's? I want to put the one of Gwen and Lisa in bed together on here.

11 Jun 2005 10:26am GMT +10:00

Nathan - Lake Macquarie, Australia

Wow!!! Drew you are a good lookin fella I'll bet the rest of your family is even better looking than you are, especially your younger brother.

9 Jun 2005 11:16am GMT +10:00

Graham - Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia

This web site is the best. You should do computers for a living.

8 Jun 2005 9:37am GMT --4:00

Lisa - London, United Kingdom

All the best dude for your travels - I can't wait to get on the plane tomorrow..... bring it on.

7 Jun 2005 5:24pm GMT +10:00

Philip Peters - Brisbane, Australia

Agent..... sensational way to keep in contact... the boys and Linda love it...Stay safe and send lots of photo's. Cheers mate.

6 Jun 2005 11:09am GMT +10:00

scott nekker - brisbane, Australia

What a ripper of a web site !!!! very DREW .. Now there's no excuse not to keep in contact , have a great trip and look out for that yellow fever ???

5 Jun 2005 11:45am GMT --4:00

Ian Killer - Albany, United States of America

Maaaaaaaaaaaate.... Fantastic site. More photos!!!