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Hello and welcome to my photo help section!

The first thing you should note is all photos will be displayed in a new "popup" window. So if you have all popup windows blocked or Javascript turned off, your going to have trouble from the start. I suggest you allow them for this site if you want to check things out. Rest assured there are not going to be any annoying adds for Viagra or Time Share at the the White House!

If you wish to see all of the photos on the site in chronological order, simply click here or press the "Search Photos" button any time with the text box emply.

Next, keep an eye out for the Sound Attached symbol when viewing the photos thumbnails. This means an audio file can be played to give more information on the photo. The following audio control will be loaded in the popup window below the photo. Simply press the play button. Try it now:

The primary role of this web site is to share my travel photos with you. So I've created a few different ways to find photos:

Do note that I have not had time to add in maps for all countries for the map search. South and North America are comprehensive and I will endeavour to complete the other continents some time soon.

The step by step instructions below should show you how to find any photo whether it be by country, locaton, Date or photo description. OH, do keep an eye out as I have already put a few 'blast from the past' photos on the site. You never know who you may spot!

As a final note, if you spot a photo you feel should not be on the internet for what ever reason, please email me immediately at drewoc@gmail.com or drew@drewswalkabout.com to let me know and I'll set about removing it. On the other side of the coin, if you would like a photo placed on the site for all to see, email it to the address above in any size/format and I'll see what I can do.

Hugs and Kisses,
Drew xoxoxo

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Last Updated: Thursday, 8th June 2010

1. Map Search

So how do you search for photos using the maps?
Its simple...

Step 1)

Click on the continent you wish to view.

World Map

Step 2)

Click on country you are interested in.

South America Example

Step 3)

You now have two options:

A) Simply click on the desired city/town/location on the map (limited selection).
B) Choose from the location links listed below the map of the country.

Machu Picchu (83)

<The total number of photos is shown in brackets (1)>

When viewing a country as above, you can click within the border
of any adjacent country to go directly to that countries map.
E.g. When viewing Peru, click on Bolivia to change countries!
{Only North and South America have this function currently though}



2. Location Search

If you know the name of the country and location, then this is the option for you if you dont like maps!

When selected, all countries that have photos associated with them will be listed alphabeticaly. Under each Country, all of the Locations with photos will be displayed again in alphabetical order. Simply click on the name of the location you wish to view.

Handy Hint:

So what if your searching for Zambia and you don't want ot have to scroll all the way down? Well all you have to do is click on the first letter of the country you are searching for shown at the top of the page. Too easy!

Please select the first letter of the Country you are interested in or scroll down:



Buderim (4)
Berry Springs (4)
Broome (12)
Darwin (6)
Palmerston (6)


3. Date Search

Due to time constraints this is a very primative search option, but you may find it of use.

All of the years that currently have photos will initially be listed. When you click on the year all of the months in that year that have photos will be displayed and a count of the number of photos for the month will be shown in brackets.

Simply select the desired month to display the relevant photos.

Please select a year to see what months have photos. Select a month to view those photos. Its as simple as that!

1970  (1)
1971  (4)
2004  (2)


March (6)
April (15)
May (61)


4. Description Search

The final option avaliable is to search the text description of all photos. Simply type in the string you are searching for and press the search button.

Handy Hint:

Include part of a place name or peoples names.
Press the Search button now to see a before and after photo for my big hair cut!