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Brazil - Amazonia


The first of many many boats!

The meeting of the waters.

In the jungle you need supplies!

The next step in a jungle trip is a 45min drive.

Then you get back into another boat!

Accom in the jungle is basic, but good.

Day 1 first thing it was a paddle near the camp.

I'm sure my mum would love it here!

Time to kick back and relax jungle style

Our guide - Neet is how i would spell his name?

On the river is lovely!

Piranha fishing - 15:40 My first catch!

A Dog Piranha

My second Piranha catch of the day - 15:54

My thrid Piranha of the day - 15:59

Live bait is how i did it i guess!

My fourth and final catch of the day - 16:10

A top flip by our guid into the Amazon!

Nothing like a swim after Piranha fishing!

Me in the Amazon! (and my camera!)

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