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Dear Diary:

6th June 2005  -  Welcome to www.DrewsWalkabout.com

G'Day and Welcome!

At long last Drew's Walkabout is up and running! Smile - You never know who's watching!

So what does the site have?

  • PHOTOS!Lisa and Gwen

    You can look at all my travel photos. Simply click on the Photos Photos Photos menu link on the left to find out how.


    I plan to upload the odd small movie from my digital camera to give that additional perspective that a photo may not offer.

  • DIARY!

    When time permits I plan to add a blurb or two on places and things I have experienced. If you spot a thumbnail of a photo in one these articles {as per this page}, just click on the photo to see the full size picture.


    Feel free to sign my guest book with your comments, suggestions or just say G'Day!

So what of the past few months since I departed the U.K.? Well, my first stop John hard at work?John and Annemariewas a fantastic visit with John and Annemarie in Indonesia. Despite all the goings on there in recent years, I liked the place.

Iíd like to pause at this point in time and say a few *BIG* congratulations! To John and Annemarie, congrats on the birth of your baby girl Zarah. Fantastic news guys! Also, a *BIG* congrats to my cousin Zoe and the arrival of her little boy, Congrats to Julie and John on getting hitched and a big hi to Donna and Dave on their engagement!

Sun Set in BroomeHair Cut Time!Most of the past 3 months have been in Oz and its been a superb stay visiting Broome, Darwin, Brisbane and Sydney. I've managed to rid myself of about 10kg worth of my London paunch {Do I win the IOS weight Loss comp Julie?} by hitting the road for a few runs, although mum argues that finally getting my hair cut accounts for much of that weight! So bring on the Inca Trail!

I should be in South America for about four months and then it's up to Central America and Cuba for another month or two. Have a look at the Schedule page to get a better idea of just where I'll be for the next five months. Beyond that, its a case of LOOK OUT North America - I'm Back!!!

Well, I depart for South America on June 27th and cant wait! a Snake tie?I'll be updating this page as I go, so it will be easy to spot when the first lot of travel shots of Chile/Easter Island have been posted. You never know just who or what you may spot me with!

Wherever you may be in the world, regardless if it's winter or summer, stay cool and enjoy! Thatís what it's all about!

Hugs and Kisses,
Drew xoxoxo

Smile - You never know who's watching!

Last Updated: Monday, 6th June 2005

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