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Dear Diary:

6th October 2005  -  Web Site Update

Hey kids, its time for the next update with some 550 new photos, 32 new AVI Videos AND 8 new diary entries to tell you Check out the prespective of the Salt Flatswhat its all about!

Its again been a very busy time on the road of late! Have a read about the wonderful places and people in South America in the diary entries below or have a look at the map below to see just where I have been. Enjoy!

The new diary entries in order are:

Iguacu Falls Since my last update lots and lots of KMs have been completed. My first stop beyond The Guiana´s was Brasilia to collect my Brazil Flag then to Rio De Janeiro to complete my last update. From there I headed to one of the biggest water falls in the World, Iguacu Falls(Brazil)/Iguazu Falls(Argentina). Check out the video of the Brazil side of the falls here. After the power of the falls I headed to Paraguay and its capital Asuncion to quickly check things out.

Point de Inka near Mt Aconcagua I then headed south to Buenos Aries and on to Montevideo to sample city life on the east coast for a few weeks. After surviving the nights out, I headed to the wine area and the city of Mendoza where I also check out Mt Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside Asia and had a blast.

The Death RoadNext I found myself back in Santiago where it all began 3.5 months agao having survied the trip over the andies. I then headed to the North of Chile to see the Atacama (San Pedro) before crossing into Bolivia via the Saltar de Uyuni. The Floating Islands of TiticacaWhile in La Paz I hit The Death Road. Click here to see the video of just what the road is like! Most recently I headed to Lake Titicaca where I got to see the floating reed islands. Amazing stuff for sure!

I´m currently in the city of Cuzco in Peru and have just completed seeing Machu Picchu, but you are just going to have to wait to see thos photos! Next... Nazcar, Lima and then the Galapagos Islands and beyong! Stay tuned!!!

Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Drew xoxoSmile - You never know who's watching!

PS, Please always remeber that this page and the map below dont show ALL of the locations I have been to. Searching by location or map (fully interactive county to coutry etc!) to see it all! Enjoy!!!

Last Updated: Thursday, 6th October 2005

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Here is where I`ve been!!!

NOTE: Not all of the places I have visited are shown on this map, but you can get a good idea of where i have been. Enjoy!

Click on the place names to see the photos or just select the country via the small map of the world as usual to see all of the locations.

Angel Falls Mochima Roraima Georgetown One the Road - Lethem to Georgetown Paramaribo Iles du Salut Kourou Macapa Brasilia Rio de Janeiro Iguacu Falls - Brazil Side Asuncion Montevideo Buenos Aries Mendoza Santiago Antofagasta San Pedro de Atacama Salar De Uyuni - Chile to Bolivia La Paz The Death Road! Lake Titicaca - Islas Flotantes Cusco

Last Updated: Thursday, 6th October 2005

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