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Dear Diary:

10th July 2005  -  Easter Island

Well guys, to quote a fellow traveller, "you had to be me to understand just what Easter Island is like".

Moai at Rano RarakuFor those who don't know where Easter Island is, its about 3700km west of Santiago in Chile. Why go there? Well I'm sure we all will have seen photos of the massive statues (called Moai) at one point or another.

I spent 4 full days on the Island all up and took nearly 500 photos with my digital camera. At every major location you just keep spotting a good angle!Rano Kau volcano This is particularly true when you visit Rano Raraku the extinct volcano where all of the statues were carved.

SteveOn day one i hooked with with Steve from Norway on the edge of the Rano Kau volcano. The next day was the big one as we rented a 4WD and did a lap of the Island visiting all of the major sites. On the third day of exploring we had the idea of renting Mountain bikes and doing another lap of the island. The track we too on that day was better suited to 4 legs, but the views were fantastic.

SunsetAll in all I can say it was a fantastic place to start my South American adventure.and if ever you get the chance, then take it! There are lots of photos for you to check out, just click here for all the Easter Island ones.

Next stop, Rio!

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