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Dear Diary:

10th November 2005  -  Web Site Update

G'Day from Panama all! Yep, South America is now HISTORY! I've just completed my latest update that again includes over 500 new photos, 30 or so new AVI Videos AND a bunch of new diary entries!

Me and Machu PicchuThe past month has flown by so fast! I've visited 5 countries since my last update (OK, the USA and Canada were only quick visits) and it been a ball! As usual you can have a read about where I have been and what I have been up to by checking out the new diary entries below or following the map at the bottom of this page below to see just where I have been.

The new diary entries in order are:

Im not the only Rubber Chook fan at Machu PicchuWhen we last met I had just arrived in Cusco and was getting ready to get the train to Machu Picchu at long last. Check out the Machu Picchu diary entry Toni and I at Machu Picchuabove to see how many old mates I ran into and also meet a fellow Rubber Chicken fan - see the video here!

After Machu Picchu it was on to the Nasca to hop into another light air craft to check of the famous Nasca Lines from the air! Theses are MASSIVE drawings of various creatures and things marked out by rocks in the desert. Having survived the The San Fran Catacombs flight I then headed onto Lima for a few days to check it all out including the San Francisco Monastery and yes get my next National flag (I think the current count is 47 or so?)

Zero Deg Lat and Me!From Lima it was onto Ecuador and the Equator. Check out the Videos of water running out of a sink on the Equator, 1m south of the Equator and 1m North of the equator. The Museum where the actual equator is has lots of other cool stuff too.

But of course the main reason for hitting Ecuador is to Big fellas for sure!visit one of the biggest attractions that South America has to offer! Yes, the one and only Galapagos Islands! WOW Gidday mate!and then some is all that can be said. A must if ever you get the chance and don't get sea sick! There are again a number of videos including this one of baby bird feeding time!

From Ecuador I decided a few months ago to head into Columbia just for a few days to see out he South American portion of my trip for no other reason than I could. It was uneventful few days on the bus to Bogota and my 3 days in Bogota (Including the very cool Gold Museum) were a nice Gold Gold Goldand relaxing was to finish out my stay in South America. Check out my goodbye to South America video chat here.

Any way, I have just arrived in Panama having taken the slightly unorthodox route from Bogota of Miami - San Francisco - Vancouver - Squamish - Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). Try and explain that and a 3 day stop in Columbia to a US Customs official is fun fun fun in the sun I can tell you!

It was a wonderful 4 months in South America and on the Me in Bogota on my final day in South Americaway I have met loads of FAB people and seen TONS of FAB stuff! I hope that Central America has the same. If my first few days here are any guide, its going to fantastic! So stay tuned for lots move over the coming months! Click here for a sneak peek of Central America and what I got to see when I checked out the Panama Canal yesterday! Its COOL!

Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Drew xoxoSmile - You never know who's watching!

PS, Please always remember that this page and the map below don't show ALL of the locations I have been to. Searching by location or map (fully interactive county to country etc!) to see it all! Enjoy!!!

Last Updated: Wednesday, 9th November 2005

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Here is where I`ve been!!!

NOTE: Not all of the places I have visited are shown on this map, but you can get a good idea of where i have been. Enjoy!

Click on the place names to see the photos or just select the country via the small map of the world as usual to see all of the locations.

Angel Falls Mochima Roraima Georgetown One the Road - Lethem to Georgetown Paramaribo Iles du Salut Kourou Macapa Brasilia Rio de Janeiro Iguacu Falls - Brazil Side Asuncion Montevideo Buenos Aries Mendoza Santiago Antofagasta San Pedro de Atacama Salar De Uyuni - Chile to Bolivia La Paz Machu Picchu Lake Titicaca - Islas Flotantes The Death Road! Nasca Lines Cusco Lima Galapagos Islands The Equator - Intinan Museum near Quito Bogota North America Map

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