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Dear Diary:

10th July 2005  -  Web Site Update

Check out my first web site update from July 10th, including Easter Island and Rio. It was a top start and it just keeps on going!

Site Updated!!!

Hey kids!
A Easter Island Moai
Drew's Walkabout has been updated.

Me in SantiagoWhere have I been so far? Well I had a quick stop in Santiago (5) before flying out to Easter Island (44)

At this very momentSome of the gang in Rio! I'm in Rio and heading off to a local Soccer game Brizil style with a top bunch of guys from the Mellow Yellow Hostel - for a top time in Rio stay here! I hope to put lots more Rio photos online as soon as possible.

Dont forget to have a look at the Diary and Movie pages if you have time as both have been updated too. Smile - You never know who's watching!

Last Updated: Monday, 10th July 2005

Where To Next?

Where am I off to next? The Amazon!A Easter Island Moai I fly to the city of Manaus tomorrow (Monday the 11th July) where I hope to do a 3-4 day trek in the Amazon. With a bit of luck i'll have some success at piranha fishing! Beyond that its over to Venezuela and Angle Falls (the worlds tallest) and the tabletop mountain of Roraima. Stay tuned....

Last Updated: Thursday, 10th July 2005

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