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Dear Diary:

9th February 2006  -  Web Site Update

Hi De Ho from wintery Winnipeg in Canada guys! I hope the Christmas and New Years G`Day from Carter and Ihangovers have subsided and for those of you in the Northern hemisphere its not to cold and for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere you are staying as cool as possible.

This update includes about 300 new photos, 13 new AVI Video's and one new diary entry for you to check out. As usual you can also have a look see at the map at the bottom of this page to see just where I have been.

The new diary entry is:

Its defiantly been a major change of pace being back in Thess, Killer and I on KillingtonNorth America. I've spent the past month visiting lots of mates that I have not see in years and its been fantastic! When I last updated you, I was visiting Ian and Thessaly for Christmas Killington Ski Resortand New Years in Albany, New York State. It was a FAB visit that including my first day on my snowboard in a few years at the Killington Ski Resort, Vermont and hike on the Appalachian Trail. Thanks *HEAPS* for putting up with me guys, it was great to see yas!

Mick and Ali play dress upFrom Albany I headed back to Canada where my backpacking adventure began nearly 10 years ago. (My how time flys!) My first stop was Toronto, Ontario to see my old Aussie mate Mick and his lovely new bride Ali. My timing was good and Mick was The Toronto Syklinefree during the week, so we had a good catchup over any number of beers. It was just like old times and drinking in London only minus the grey sky's, rain and poms! I had a blast guys, thanks heaps for taking me out on the town to the Hockey and pubs!

Icy PeterboroughFrom Toronto, I headed North-East to Peterborough to see my old Whistler Buddy Ryan. Just as per Toronto, I at last got to meet Ryan's lovely wife Kathryn at long last! But not only did I get to meet Kathryn and see all of the Kathryn, Ryan and big BenPeterborough gang, I also got to meet their new born son Ben! Do I look the part holding a baby? Its always a pleasure hitting town and good to get a bit of exercise under my belt at the Y for the first time in ages! Thanks guys!

Donna and Dave The next stop was Barrie to see another mate from my Whistler days, Donna. This visit completed the trifecta of meeting mates new other halves as got to meet Donna's new husband, It was a top day for Cross Country SkiingDave. I was only in Barrie for a few days, but it was go go go! We went cross country Skiing, Ice Tubing and last but not least, Ice Fishing! Check out the video of Dave, Don and I Ice Tubing to see what its all about or Gerald gets the first catch of the dayhave a look at my Ice Fishing Video. Thanks for showing me the town and taking me Ice Fishing guys! I had an awesome weekend!

After my weekend of snow activities in Barrie, I made another quick stop back in Toronto to force Mick and Ali to dink excessive amounts of beer one last time then head off to get a few cold ones for Australia Day. Thanks for having me Ontario! Hope to see ya for another beer sooooooon!

As fate would have it, my old U.K. rugby mate Newton is Me and Newton out on the towncurrently working in Chicago, and given I had not been there in 10 years and it was kinda on the way, off I headed on yet another Geryhound in search of a watering hole for Australia Day (January 26th). Through various All the boys in action at the Aussie day bash in ChicagoRugby connection, Newton managed to track down the big party for Aussies in Chicago where Rugby is a wonderful social sport an Newton managed to find the big party where even the Australian Consulate General would be! Thanks for sorting the Australia Day Drinkies mate. Hope the hang over for you and all the guys has abated! I had a TOP night/few days!

Having survived the nights out in Chicago, I headed back over the border to Winnipeg in Canada to see the YOUGE Debbie & Darryl and their kids Mitchel, Brooklyn and Carter and its from Curling on a frozen Lake in Winnipeghere that I'm doing this update. Check out the tobogganing video of the Youge kids and I.

Keen to see just what down town Winnipeg where the Visit the Ice Bar in Down Town Winnipeg when it -20!average for this time of year is negative 15 degrees Celsius or so is like? Click here for the Video of me walking on a frozen lake. Its cold, even though the locals claim its a WARM winter!!!!!!!

Any way, I'm here for a few more days, then its on to Hi De Ho from Mick E. Moose and ICalgary, Alberta then the Canadian Rockies at long last! (Having been to Canada so many times, can you believe I have never seen them!) I expect to be back in Vancouver/Whistler in about two weeks and from the reports I have been getting, they are having a bumper season! So I cant wait! Stay tuned!!!!!

Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Drew xoxoSmile - You never know who's watching!

PS, Please always remember that this page and the map below don't show/list ALL of the locations I have been to. Searching by location name or by map (fully interactive county to country etc!) is the best way to see it all! Enjoy!!!

Last Updated: Saturday, 9th February 2006

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Here is where I`ve been!!!

NOTE: Not all of the places I have visited are shown on this map, but you can get a good idea of where i have been. Enjoy!

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