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Dear Diary:

6th July 2007  -  Web Site Update

G'Day Guys!

...and welcome to my last day on the Job here in Amsterdam! Whats this you read?Me and Stef right now on my last day! Last day? Yep, with the change of seasons to "summer" here in Europe, I've also decided to make a big change. Its been a Moving Out Day in Amsterdamwonderful 12 months in Amsterdam for me, but I have made the decision to move on.

So whats on the cards then? Wait for it.... Believe it or not, I have made the decision to commence the long journey home! As I said, I finish up my job today, Friday July 6th, and using my mate Ernst's place (and his car) in The Hague as a base, I will be spending the next couple of Tip Toe through the Tulipsmonths seeing a whole bunch of places in Central and Eastern Europe! Come September I plan to be in the France/Spain region so I can check out some of the Rugby World Cup action! My schedule page has been updated and will give you a rough idea of what I'm thinking.

This update Ernst and I a few days after the 2001 Paris Marathonas usual includes lots of new photos and over 40 new videos. If you just want to see a list of the new photo locations, click here. It also includes a small web page I did years ago, but never got around to putting live from my 2001 Paris Marathon run. Click here to check out some of the shots of Ernst and I running 42km around Paris back in 2001!

So whats happened since February when I last wrote?

Noosa Beach, AustraliaI guess number one on the hit parade was my three week visit home to Australia. Its was a very busy visit home as my family and friends are some what geographically challenging stretching from Darwin to Brisbane to Sydney (That's kinda like Helsinki - London - Lang Park Brisbane with Mark and PaulaRome!) I spent my first week in Oz in the Brisbane area catching up with old mates and spending time at Noosa beach. Having just experienced a very wet drab Dutch Winter, it was fantastic The Reid Mob minus Dunkto feel the warmth of the Aussie sun on my face.

From Brisbane I headed up to Darwin. As usual it was nice and warm. I got my customary running leap hug from little Lilly and had a good hang out with my little brother - you would not believe how bonding mending a septic tank can be!Smile - You never know who's watching!

Sydney at sunsetMy final stop in Australia was Sydney. This was perhaps the most hectic stop as it seamed the case I would have breakfast lunch and dinner in Jill and her kidsdifferent locations! Perhaps the strangest was to wake up in one Sydney suburb, drive to Canberra to visit my mate Jill from UNI and her family and then drive back to the suburb next to the one I stayed at the previous evening to visit some more mates! Exhausting fun!

Any way, it was a fantastic trip home and I guess it was Cheers Australia, see you again VERY sooooooooon!the final deal breaker in my decision to head home for good.

From Australia I made a quick two day stop in Tokyo to Naomi and I in Tokyovisit Sami, Naomi and Joy. Thanks for being such great tour guides/hosts girls! With a bit of luck I'll make it back into town some time soon for the Tokyo marathon and some more sushi and karaoke (Don't worry I decided not to post the video of my dulcet tones onto the web site!)

The past couple of months since I got got back to The Netherlands have been very hectic with both work and play. Richld and Stef having a goog giggle at the team dinnerWe had a good team get together in old Groningen town over my birthday as soon and I got back. Click here to check out a video from the Afsluitdijk in Northern Holland on my birthday. Its amazing to drive over 40km of what was once a sea!

Another cool adventure was to head to the Dutch beaches and get the ball rolling on learning to Kite surf! My work Kite Surfing kites in actionmate Stephan and his lovely wife Susie organised a lesson to test the water and it was tops. Unfortunately the weather prevented us from actually hitting the water, but we got a good feel for using the Kites and believe me when I say they can generate more than enough force to drag you along! Stef got a wee bit wet!We were only using the smaller one and when it hit the power zone, Stephan and I together would have struggled not to be pull down the beach! Heaven only knows what one of the big ones is capable of! Top fun, if a bit wet as you can see!

Of course, no visit to The Netherlands is complete unless you check out the flowers. One of the best places to do this I think I need new boots?is Keukenhof Gardens. Its an hours out of Amsterdam via Train/bus and its lovely. Normally the Tulip season runs from April Colour every where!into mid to late May. Unfortunately for me April was one of the driest for a long time! As such the Tulips season was Tulips every where!reduces. In the gardens them selves the Tulips were fantastic, but most of the fields you see in the post cards had to be harvested due to the dry weather. I guess next time I'm here I'll time it better and tip toe through the tulips!

Amsterdam is very busy on Queens Day!There were lots of other things going on in April and May with one of the highlights being the Queens day weekend! This is a weekend where the streets of Amsterdam are packed with people selling all sorts of stuff! Where you normally ride, the streets are so packed with people you can hardly Me and flag DVD guys!  I was the first sale of the day!walk! Its kind of like a big garage sale with people from all of the country descending on the Capital. I spent the weekend with our lovely house guests from NZ, Germany and Canada and it was a ball! I even managed to find a guys selling a DVD of nothing but FLAG Happy Queens Day!FLAGS FLAGS! I was the first sale of the day for them and it was a good giggle!

Of course there are lots of other events on the longThe Queens in action weekend of the Queens birthday weekend (Its actually the birthday of the current queens mother). These include the Drag Queens Olympics! You get to see such things as the hand bag toss and the high heel sprint. Its very entertaining stuff and all of us in the crowd had a ball!

I also had a number Mick, Ali and Crystalof other guests including my old mate Mick, Ali and Crystal all the way from Canada come and visit over the past few months. It was great to be able to share the experience of Amsterdam with so many people. Thanks for visiting guys! Rest assured that if any of you come to visit me in Australia, I'll show you the town!

My final month on the job was spent on assignment in Zurich. Zurich is a very pretty city and I can highly recommend you visit if its not to far out of your way. That The view from Zurich city over the lakesaid, I'll not give any numbers, but to be in Zurich as a consultant for 3 weeks can be some what costly, so make your visit a day trip! Then again a Company Credit Card helps take the pain away while in town! It was very sad to cut it up in front of my manager Jan a few days ago.

Any way, I'd best get to the task of preparing for my final meeting - I'm doing a presentation of all things in my final few hours today! (Click here to see the a video view from my desk or click here The Asset Control Officeto see what its like to ride to work in Amsterdam{18MB file})

To all of the Asset Control guys I have worked with over that past year, thanks for all of your help and I wish you all the success in the future. I'll miss haning with the guys in the park!To all the awesome people I have met while I've been in town, you will always have a place to stay where ever I may end up! Stay tuned for final drinking Euro/Amsterdam/London plans in a few months.

Well, again I'll make no promises on when the next update will be, but I hope to get one out before I depart Europe permanently come October. Please take care and let me know what your all up to!

Lots of Hugs and Kisses
Drew xoxoSmile - You never know who's watching!

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